Long Island Volunteer Enterprise is a Corporate Volunteer initiative.

About Us

LIVE - Long Island Volunteer Enterprise

Founded in 1993, LIVE - Long Island Volunteer Enterprise - mobilizes volunteer teams from the corporate, academic and not-for-profit sectors to complete a one day project that will significantly improve the quality of life for many who live and work on Long Island. LIVE has matched volunteer teams with not-for-profit agencies looking for assistance with varied projects.  Visit our honor roll to see the over 400 companies and organizations that have adopted a LIVE project over the years. 

In cooperation with the United Way of Long Island and the Long Island Volunteer Center, LIVE promotes corporate volunteerism on Long Island for the betterment of our community and helps renew Long Island's spirit, beauty and quality of life.

Studies show that corporate volunteering is a win-win for all involved.  It benefits the companies by enhancing their image in the community; it benefits volunteers by promotiong teamwork, building morale, and presenting opportunities to develop valuable workplace skills; and it benefits community organizations by providing much needed manpower.   Join today!! 

You’ll find LIVE volunteers sorting food products for LI Cares, and serving dinners at Maureen’s Haven. You’ll find them cleaning up the garden and Butterfly House at Sweetbriar Nature Center, painting at Pal-O-Mine and Madonna Heights and running a softball game for clients of Citizen's Options Unlimited at Eisenhower Park.  LIVE has assisted numerous charitable organizations since its inception. Often LIVE volunteers are the uncelebrated gardeners and clean-up personnel who help keep our parks and recreation areas pristine and beautiful.


Top 10 Reasons to BE a volunteer

1.       JOIN  a movement

Be a part of the greatest mobilization of corporate volunteers on Long Island

2.       CELEBRATE a milestone

Help LIVE celebrate 25+ years of service

3.       ENJOY the outdoors

Spend a day outdoors by giving back to your community

4.       ASSIST a cause

                  Help agencies on Long Island get more done with limited budgets

5.       ENHANCE a relationship

Spend a day with your colleagues outside of the office

6.       SEE a change

                Learn more about the agency resources that are helping Long Islanders every day

7.       BECOME a leader

Learn how to lead a team and manage a project

8.       MAKE  a name

Enhance your company’s image in the community

9.       CREATE a bond

                 Build teamwork and employee morale

10.     HAVE a blast!

LIVE projects are fun! 

So adopt a project today and BE a volunteer!