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Long Island Volunteer Enterprise is a Corporate Volunteer initiative.

How to Build A Corporate LIVE Team

The following are a few ideas to help you build a corporate team of volunteers to join the largest volunteer group on Long Island.  LIVE is a program that will allow members of your company or organization to join in on a fun project and at the same time make Long Island a better place. You and your team pick the project that works best for you and join the magic of making things better for a not-for-profit social agency or educational, environmental or community organization.


  1. Select one or two team leaders- they should be energetic, excited movers that can make things happen.
  2. Decide what type of project best fits your company- environmental, social, community, or educational.
  3. Be sure to fill out your corporate enrollment form.
  4. Team leaders should attend a LIVE corporate orientation and ask as many questions as necessary to be sure you are choosing the right project.
  5. Pick your company's project with the help of the LIVE committee. 
  6. Announce LIVE throughout the office with posters, brochures, e-mail, voicemail.
  7. Visit your project site.   This is very important!  Discuss with the agency or site coordinator the project and logistics of the day (such as restroom facilities, parking, food, etc.)
  8. Provide itinerary and directions to the site for all of your LIVE corporate volunteers.
  9. Purchase LIVE T-shirts for all participants with your company's logo. This is an optional item, but a great way to build team spirit and unity.
  10. Take plenty of pictures.
  11. Any questions please call the LIVE office at 1-631-694-9510.
  12. LIVE project day... ENJOY THE DAY...MAKE A DIFFERENCE...and of course HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Important Notes About LIVE

  • Please note that in 2017, our 25th year, LIVE will go back to its original format - all LIVE volunteers will reach out to help Long Island's non-profits during Saturday, June 3 through Sunday, June 11th
  • The agency list is always subject to change so please check online periodically for any new updates
  • If you have identified a project that you would like to choose, but your group might not be large enough, we can assign multiple companies for certain projects
  • Once you have chosen a project and the LIVE committee has recorded the match, please contact the agency within two weeks. The agency is anxious to know if they have been adopted as well as meet the corporation they will be partnering up with. If they are not contacted within this time period they are subjected to go back onto the LIVE choosing list.
  • If you have chosen a project and after visiting the facility you find it is not quite suitable for your company, please call Joan Connor at 631-694-9510 to change your project.
  • LIVE will try to match a project to a company best suited for the project, but otherwise, all assignments will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Enjoy yourself and good luck with LIVE!