Long Island Volunteer Enterprise is a Corporate Volunteer initiative.


LIVE Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As a Corporate Team Leader, I've seen several projects on the web site that may be of interest to our team. What do I do next?

    You may contact the LIVE office via phone (631-694-9510): fax (631-249-5010) or email 
    (mailto:jmcenterprises@hotmail.com), and we would be pleased to fax or mail the project request form(s) to you so that you may contact the agency to see whether or not the project is a good fit for your team.

  2. My Agency's project has been on the web site for three weeks and still is available. When may I expect it to be adopted?

    We can never be sure if or when your project will be adopted; we can only let you know if a corporate team has expressed interest in your project. If a team has inquired about your project, we'll check to see why you haven't been contacted.  Please let us know if your project is adopted, so that we may mark the website with the adopting company's name. 

  3. What types of projects are the most attractive for a Corporate Team?

    Outside projects are very popular in the when the weather is nice. Any project, whether for inside or outside, may be desirable for a corporate team if it will keep their team together for the day and will be completed during that time. If you have a good experience with a particular corporate team, a long-term relationship may be created that will be helpful to both parties.  

  4. May an individual sign up for LIVE?

    Although this program is intended for Corporate Teams, an individual may sign up for LIVE and adopt an available project that would be appropriate for an individual.

Agency Tips

  • Agency contact person's phone/fax/Email information should be accurate and others at the agency should be aware of their participation in LIVE. If a corporate team leader cannot reach the agency contact, the project will not get done.  
  • If the project appears too too large in scope for the number of volunteers requested, break it down into multiple smaller projects.
  • If a project is adopted, be sure to have an agency representative available on the day of the project to meet and greet the corporate team.
  • If the agency is requesting an outside project, be sure to establish a plan for foul weather.
  • Make sure that the agency representative and the corporate team leader are available to each other at any time for sudden change of plans

Corporate Tips

  • Corporate Enrollment forms should contain accurate contact information so that the LIVE office may reach the Team Leader.
  • Please make sure the team leader contacts the agency and makes a visit to review.
  • After a Project Request Form (or multiple requests forms) has been faxed or mailed to a corporate team leader, it is expected that contact will be attempted with the agency's representative. It is important that the LIVE office know within about 10 days if you will or will not adopt each project. We cannot hold a project for a Corporate Team indefinitely. Another corporate team may try for the same project.