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Long Island Volunteer Enterprise is a Corporate Volunteer initiative.

Non-Profit Organizations Request a LIVE Project

Create a Successful LIVE Project

1. Select a Project Manager.

2. Complete the LIVE Agency Project Request Form.  Please note that in 2017, our 25th year, LIVE will go back to its original format - all LIVE volunteers will reach out to Long Island's non-profits during Saturday, June 3rd through Sunday, June 11th.  Click here to fill out the form (email livelongisland@gmail.com to request an agency project request form to complete & email to us).  

3. As soon as your Agency's project has been selected, a meeting will be arranged with your LIVE Team Leader. Visit the site together, assess materials and procurement requirements, refreshments, parking and other details.

4. Showcase your agency on LIVE Project Day...plan to enlighten volunteers about programs and services.

* tours
* speakers
* brochures

5.Work alongside Team Members on Project Day...HAVE FUN!

6. Prepare "Thank You" letters, publicize event in newsletter...sustain a relationship.